We believe the Italian culture has a lot to offer and Our Executive Committee is responsible for ensuring that the very best of Italy is available to all South Australians. Members dedicate themselves to maintaining and celebrating the religious and cultural traditions of their forefathers. This includes the annual Feast of Saint Hilarion which celebrates our patron saint with ceremony, celebrations and traditional Italian delicacies.

The Society of Saint Hilarion

Members are always welcome to join the Society (ph 8409 1500) and each year a new Executive Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting.

The Executive Committee owes its origins to those original migrants from Caulonia, in the Region of Calabria who, in the 1950s, dedicated themselves to maintaining and celebrating the religious and cultural traditions with which they were so familiar.

In particular, the staging of the annual Feast of Saint Hilarion every year in October, to celebrate our patron Saint, was considered the highlight of the year, and to this day remains the most important activity of the Executive Committee.

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