Our residential facilities are designed to support physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs. Naturally there are specific requirements and we are there to help the attainment of personal goals, improve quality of life and promote individual growth and independence. Our onsite multi-disciplinary team is there to help reach these goals.

At Saint Hilarion we provide access and support to:

  • Registered and Enrolled Nurses 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Provisional Psychologist
  • Personal Carers
  • Leisure and Lifestyle Diversional Therapists
  • Pastoral Carers
  • Palliative Care Specialist
  • Podiatrist
  • Pharmacist
  • Geriatrician
  • Dietitian
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Optician

Importantly, we pride ourselves in creating a home-like environment. Residents are encouraged to decorate their space in the way they would like. For those used to living with and looking after pets, a range of animals including dogs, chickens, other birds, fish and guinea pigs also call Saint Hilarion home. Our large garden areas also help ensure that there is plenty to do, if you are so inclined.

  • Bus trips
  • Quoits
  • Bocce
  • Gardening
  • Pop Up Kitchens
  • Mobile library
  • Word games
  • Art classes
  • Active Movements
  • Garden walks
  • Knitting group
  • Movie afternoons
  • Old McDonald’s Farm
  • Virtual travel
  • Craft classes
  • Choir group
  • Concerts
  • Multicultural group
  • Chapel

While care recipients are off gardening, looking after the pets or joining in one of the many activities that are on each day of the week, we will be busy looking after the more mundane but essential parts of life. Our hospitality staff will be busy preparing a dining experience where choices are offered at all mealtimes to appeal to a variety of personal tastes and preferences. Our laundry team take care of all washing and our cleaning staff ensure that personal spaces are kept in tip top condition.

All of our services focus on individual wellbeing. Saint Hilarion believes in promoting wellbeing by supporting the physical, social, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs of the people we care for. This is evident throughout our services in relation to the type of care we offer, the staff that we employ, and the environment within which our care is delivered.

Our Residential Facilities

Saint Hilarion operates two sites, the House of Saint Hilarion at Seaton and the Villa Saint Hilarion at Fulham. Both offer a high quality of care encompassing our wellbeing framework, depending on the level of care required.  The way in which individuals would like to receive care will play a part in choosing the right facility.

Our stunning House of Saint Hilarion, based in Seaton, was completed in 2010 and offers a beautiful home to 122 people.

Our Villa Saint Hilarion, located in Fulham, provides respite and residential services in a tranquil location surrounded by beautiful gardens. There are 54 individual villas offering an ideal balance of individual care and independence. Each Villa comprises a lounge and dining room, kitchen, bedroom and en suite.

How to apply for Residential Care

Step 1

Submit an application for funding for Care in Aged Care online through My Aged Care

Step 2

Complete the Request for an Assets Assessment Form and submit to Centrelink

Step 3

Take a video tour of our facilities and see the services we provide to choose the right for you

Step 4

Call our sensitive Admissions Coordinator with your Referral Code

Interested in learning more?

Contact us today to book a consultation, to arrange an information pack or to book a tour of our facilities.

Am I eligible?

Assess eligibility for a Home Care Package quickly using the My Aged Care online application. This online application is used for all care and support needs including help at home, short-term care, and care in aged care option options.

An application can be completed either independently or by a loved one.

Start the application process now to secure funding, using the following link:

My Aged Care Apply Online

How much does it cost?

We provide government-subsidised aged care places which means savings for our residents. Individual costs will vary according to the accommodation chosen and an assessment of income and assets.
There are 3 types of costs:

  • A basic daily fee. This covers daily living costs such as meals, laundry and utilities.
  • Accommodation costs. This is based on the type of Saint Hilarion accommodation chosen.
  • Means-tested care fee. This may be an additional contribution to pay, determined by Centrelink based on income and assets.

We pride ourselves on exceeding the Aged Care Quality Standards by providing all residents with an Italian cultural experience. That means that we stand out from other providers by offering quality food, good wine and full wellbeing and leisure activities at no additional cost.
There are a variety of options available to choose how to pay accommodation costs and our Admissions Coordinator can discuss individual options.


For further information on our pricing please visit the below links:

The House Of Saint Hilarion

Villa Saint Hilarion 

Frequently Asked Questions

Decisions about where you will live within our facility will prioritise your wellbeing, protection and safety and take into account our ability to provide you with the best possible care. There may be times when we will need to reassess where you live within the facility to ensure we meet these priorities. A comprehensive care plan will be created for you upon arrival and is regularly updated depending on your care needs. Please speak with your Site Operations Manager or Clinical Leader if you have any questions.

Yes. However, please understand we will try our best to accommodate this but as we offer a range of room designs it will depend on capacity and availability.

Yes, Saint Hilarion want you to be as comfortable as possible and we encourage our residents to decorate their space.