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St Hilarion offers low care residential accommodation and services at both our sites - Villa St Hilarion, Fulham and The House of St Hilarion, Seaton.

Low-level care is provided for people who need some assistance with various daily activities, but generally they do not have very complex ongoing care needs. Naturally each person will have their own specific requirements for assistance, and our aim is to ensure these needs are met at all times while promoting personal independence.

As an example, assistance is available where required for showering, personal hygiene and grooming, mobility challenges, medication management and wherever help is needed with other daily tasks.

All meals and refreshments are provided in line with established health and dietary guidelines, and in keeping with Italian culture, the food is flavoursome, prepared fresh in-house each day, and is of excellent quality.

Our low care residents are offered a wide range of daily activities and programs, both on-site and externally, such as visits to local shopping centres and various local attractions, in which they have the choice to participate.

Nursing Care Plans are developed to encompass individual resident needs and are reviewed on a regular and consultative basis. As part of the Nursing Care Plans, we coordinate medical and allied health appointments on behalf of residents, while St Hilarion contracts physiotherapists to provide a minimum number of hours of services each week at no cost to residents.

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