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For many people, the first time they investigate aged care facilities and compare the quality of services on offer, it is often a rushed exercise in response to a sudden need for assistance for a loved one. As a result, the process can often be stressful for all concerned, and sometimes resulting in an outcome that is not optimal.


accessing-services - where to start

With this in mind, we invite members of the community to make an appointment to make a time for a tour of our facilities at Fulham and Seaton, especially if you believe that a family member may require aged care services within the next year or two.

By taking the time to understand the aged care sector, including the various types of facilities, variances in the quality of services available and the costs involved, you will be in a better position to make an informed decision with regard a future home that will best suit the needs of a loved one.

It is also comforting for an elderly person to see first hand the quality of services that we offer at St Hilarion.

We provide respite and low care services at Villa St Hilarion Fulham, while at The House of St Hilarion in Seaton we offer low and high care services, incorporating the provision of a higher dependency, dementia specific facility.

Our staff would also be pleased to guide you through the application process, which includes the legal requirement to have an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) undertake a thorough assessment of the health needs of your loved one before he or she can enter an aged care facility.

If you would like to make an appointment to inspect either of our nursing homes and to learn more about our services and the application process, please contact Rita Cavallaro at Seaton on 8409 1500.

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