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ACAT Approval

All incoming residents must be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)


accessing-services - ACAT approval

All incoming residents must be assessed by the ACAT for approval as a Residential Care Recipient requiring Residential High, Low or Community Care, permanent or respite. Government Regulations prevent anyone being provided care services if they do not have a current ACAT approval.

To be eligible for approval as a Residential or Community Care recipient, a person must have significant care needs that can be appropriately met through the provision of a particular type of care.

The person is eligible if:

  • They have physical, medical, social or psychological needs that require the provision of care; and
  • Those needs cannot be met more appropriately through generic care services.

In determining whether these criteria are met, the ACAT will consider the person's medical, physical, psychological and social circumstances. For further information regarding ACAT approvals, contact the Aged Care Assessment Team, phone 8193 1203 or fax 8193 1201.

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