A message from the Chairman of the Aged Care Board

Welcome to the Society of Saint Hilarion Aged Care Website. I am confident that you will find it interesting and informative. It is a great privilege to be involved with an organisation with such strong heritage and with a clear purpose of serving the elderly in our community.

I encourage you to explore the various sections on this site and invite you to contact one of our friendly staff with any questions that you have. Aged care can be quite a complex issue, however we are here to provide you with as much information and assistance as possible if you are looking to make a decision in relation to a member of your family.

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Volunteers Needed

LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS The Society of Saint Hilarion is currently seeking interested community members to help us run our Café Francesco Totino and bus driving. Of course, there are plenty of other worthy and meaningful ways you can assist us by volunteering.

We’d love to chat with you. If interested, please call Caroline Russo on 8235 9055 to express your interest and find out more….



The Feast of Saint Hilarion 2017Sunday 22nd October 2017

Mater Christi Parish

413 Grange Rd



As in previous years there will be food stalls open for lunch service including a BBQ, Porcetta, Chicken, Zeppole, Pasta, Trippa, Mastazzoli, Cakes, Coffee and Gelati.  Beer, wine and spirits will also be available. Side shows and amusements.


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